Issue 2


The Scarecrows’ Daughter

by Hamilton Perez

Our world was dying; that was the excuse anyways. A better life, Dad promised, and Mom followed. But we only traded one wasteland for another.

Homebrew Wine Recipes for Favourable Effects, from the Regrettable Life of Mrs Poulman

by Matt Dovey

5 gill of twinkling dew from the petals of roses, tulips, peonies &c. as available in early Spring. The more admirable the flower, the greater the effect.


two am

by Kiara E. Bell

Driving down the highway / at two a.m. / I felt my heart stop / When I looked over and saw / Pale yellow / So round and full / Sensuous and curvy

The Metaphysics of a Wine, in Theory and Practice

by Brandon O’Brien

whereas many more presumptuous / theories suggest an interpretive dance / in five deliberate movements (Marling & / Batmanglij 2017) or else a general physical / denial of body through writhing-as-dance / under strobe-lit dark, / the newly discovered academic consensus is that / multidimensional transcendent astral travel / is only possible through / wining

Sealskinned, Crowned

by Hester J. Rook

I pour myself in / full and thick / like the syrup left from poaching pears / rich with cinnamon / star anise in my hair.

Only the Trees

by Marina Berlin

A storm blew down / the tree your bones / nourished, through the / roots.

Additional Content

Cotton Candy Mermaid

by Serena Henderson

Cover Art

Poison-Pen Letters

by S. Qiouyi Lu


The Antidote


Episode 2