Issue 1


Reflected Across the Dark

by Laurel Amberdine

The portals began appearing four months ago. We were curious, like everyone, but they were rare and strange and didn't matter.

Praying to the God of Small Chances

by L Chan

I meet the god of small chances in a hospital waiting room, amidst the smell of unwashed bodies and overwashed floors.


White Herons

by Lana Bella

Love is a canvas with salt stains / on the wrist, hard wind nursed in / serpentine surfs, tuft of herons / turned white knitting rain to sails.

the lagahoo speaks for itself

by Brandon O’Brien

you think I is the monster? / nah—I is just a funeral procession / with canine teeth.

Mirror, Reflect Our Unknown Selves

by Tlotlo Tsamaase

I recall lying next to my sister, saying, / “Those with machine lungs don’t know how to exhale love. / Why do they come here to us?”

if ink could flow backward

by M. Darusha Wehm

separating what is from what could be / I’d erase all the borders / I would melt the walls / edit history for you / if I could change time

Additional Content

Slow Day at the Flower Shop

by Geneva B.

Cover Art

Poison-Pen Letters

by S. Qiouyi Lu


The Antidote


Episode 1