Issue 3 The Stories of Your Name by J. M. Melican

If I were Palaeolithic, I would paint your name on sacred stones with ochre and ash.

Issue 3 Mother? by Cynthia So

My mother had been dead just a week when a moth flew into my room.

Issue 3 Jiak liu lian by Yap Xiong

You catch a faint whiff of blood while selecting durians for the buffet. You smell it, despite the fusion of sweat, lubricant and the sandal-bottom aroma of durian fresh from the tree.

Issue 2 The Scarecrows’ Daughter by Hamilton Perez

Our world was dying; that was the excuse anyways. A better life, Dad promised, and Mom followed. But we only traded one wasteland for another.

Issue 2 Homebrew Wine Recipes for Favourable Effects, from the Regrettable Life of Mrs Poulman by Matt Dovey

5 gill of twinkling dew from the petals of roses, tulips, peonies &c. as available in early Spring. The more admirable the flower, the greater the effect.

Issue 1 Reflected Across the Dark by Laurel Amberdine

The portals began appearing four months ago. We were curious, like everyone, but they were rare and strange and didn't matter.

Issue 1 Praying to the God of Small Chances by L Chan

I meet the god of small chances in a hospital waiting room, amidst the smell of unwashed bodies and overwashed floors.

Issue 0 Not an Ocean, But the Sea by Nino Cipri

Nadia found the ocean behind the Swedish assholes’ couch during her weekly cleaning.

Issue 0 Letter From an Artist to a Thousand Future Versions of Her Wife by JY Yang

My dearest Anatolia: Before you left this world, you asked me to celebrate the dissolution of your body.