Issue 1 White Herons by Lana Bella

Love is a canvas with salt stains / on the wrist, hard wind nursed in / serpentine surfs, tuft of herons / turned white knitting rain to sails.

Issue 1 the lagahoo speaks for itself by Brandon O’Brien

you think I is the monster? / nah—I is just a funeral procession / with canine teeth.

Issue 1 Mirror, Reflect Our Unknown Selves by Tlotlo Tsamaase

I recall lying next to my sister, saying, / “Those with machine lungs don’t know how to exhale love. / Why do they come here to us?”

Issue 1 if ink could flow backward by M. Darusha Wehm

separating what is from what could be / I’d erase all the borders / I would melt the walls / edit history for you / if I could change time

Issue 0 White Bread Mother by Kate Lechler

My white bread mother is sliced thin. / She sidles from room to room on feet of soft crust.

Issue 0 the devil riding your back by Nicasio Andrés Reed

ten years old when the ocean spat beasts and they / walked the world with strides the size of cities and i hid / i coward-cowered from the noise of it and the dark

Issue 0 Speaking Language by Betsy Aoki

I am not speaking English now. / The lightest word will alter our trajectory. / The slightest touch, and another marvel / of translation blows itself to feathers

Issue 0 Jupiter of Jupiter by Lora Gray

Two seconds shy of / seven days, / clockwork heart capricious, / you haven’t spoken / since February or Ganymede.