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Submissions Update

All submissions sent during the May/June 2018 and August/September 2018 open periods have been responded to, pending mail merge email quota limits. Any work sent outside of those submission periods can be considered as rejected unread. If you have any questions about the status of your submission, you may query (alternate email:

Issue 4 of Arsenika will likely have a Spring 2019 release date, although that release date may change depending on funding for the magazine.

Submissions will most likely open again around Fall 2019. During that time, simultaneous submissions will be accepted, multiple submissions will still be accepted according to the previous guidelines, and resubmissions of work sent during the May/June 2018 and August/September 2018 open periods will be accepted.

Submissions in the future will most likely use Airtable without a tracker system or a Moksha instance, depending on which system is best for the magazine’s technological and demographic requirements. We will not be using Submittable. If you have any suggestions for submission content management systems other than Airtable, Moksha, and Submittable, you may query (alternate email:

Thank you so much for your patience and support.

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Status Update

Hello everyone! The migration to WordPress is now complete; everything on the front end should be the same except for some minor aesthetic changes. If emails to the domain bounce, please feel free to copy our alternate email address at

I’m still in the process of replying to submissions from the last two submissions periods and will have all responses sent by December 31. I will be transitioning to either Submittable or Moksha for future submissions to streamline the process for writers and editors alike.

Thank you for your patience. I’ve had a lot of disability and personal circumstances that have caused delays with Arsenika, but this transition should help get everything back up to speed.