Issue 5


Secrets / / Reflections
by Kat Riddell

I never understood the feeling in my stomach / When witches and monsters came / On the TV. For years, I thought / They made me afraid

by Josh Pearce

Pale hands beckon like open flame / foxfire on your lips

The Story of Cyclops
by Zella Christensen

1. cutting a pear / 2. the storm petrel does not land until it dies

by Y.M. Pang

I’m so glad / you killed her— / my doe-eyed sister

You Are Here
by Davian Aw

in velvet grasp of eternal night / a building wrapped in strips of glass, light / slicing bravely through starless dark / so utterly alone, fragile before shadows.

Black Summer
by Cassandra Rose Clarke

On the longest day of the year / we wait for nightfall, slouching on / your grandmother’s porch

Manifest Destiny
by Mack W. Mani

I am the place where / hooves join dirt / where fur and flesh / meet and cut apart

by Mark A. Fisher

face me Ozymandias / open your stone eyes


where is the fish
by Ewa Kielska

Cover Art

The Antidote