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Call to Action In Translation
by Lynne Sargent

Find me a new story to paint / wine-dark, where they comb metaphors / instead of beaches, where the poets are not the only ones / bursting with heartache

If Sappho Met Persephone
by Laura Mayron

I love her more than I have poetry for.

Sparrow’s Medication Guide
by Jordan E. McNeil

Do not give your worries to other people, even if they have the same condition. It may harm them. Keep them in your mouth, a list under your tongue.

The Last Girl
by Karen Steiger

As you probably already know, / I was the only one of my friends to survive / that night. / Sometimes I feel like surviving / was the easy part.

Pledge Week
by Alexandra Seidel

We, the Sorority of the Cloven-Hoofed Foot, / are looking for girls to join us!

by Aigner Loren Wilson

Prickly back tendrils / alert me to your presence / at my bedside. I pull the blanket / up over my shoulder like a lover / after sex or kissing me / goodnight.

It feels good to love her
by Anastasia Jill

I bought her a pair of gold earrings that writhe when she walks. / They bring the caramel curve of her neck. / She needs me to be that highlight of gold.


Ghost Love Story
by Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein

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The Antidote