if Saturn

during the three-year rain / Saturn birthed
a beautiful new ring that some dubbed the greatest
mishandling of galactic expectation

awed by dauntless Saturn / my lover
and i settled into our waterproof
casings to apprentice
ourselves to the solar system
and learn:
how sad to be flung
into your own outer space
how dry you can become without tears
how cold to forget the new moon

my lover / a woman who stuffed her chest
with flowering weeds saved from drowning
in the yard my lover a woman
who kicked sunlight into the fireplace for
winter nights / i—heap of spare parts
that i am—i / loved her / asked her:
is your skin shedding all reptilian
because you’ve refused crying / fearful
others might see your augments

starry system my lover a woman
orbited towards me across the yard
/ rained weeds on my junkyard crown and said:
i tried on a kind of strength for so long but
if Saturn can marvelous defy / then we

© 2020 by Tamara Jerée

About the Author

By Tamara Jerée

Tamara Jerée’s poetry has appeared in Strange Horizons, Uncanny’s Disabled People Destroy Fantasy special issue, and Liminality, and their fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Fiyah and Fireside Quarterly. You can find Tamara on Twitter at @TamaraJeree.