The Story of Cyclops

1. cutting a pear / 2. the storm petrel does not land until it dies

1. cutting a pear
2. the storm petrel does not land until it dies
3. I was a stegosaurus once
3. I floated on a gold sea under a black sky
3. I leaned on the metal heater and shivered, feeling body heat escape through my open collar, while I waited to be picked up from school
4. crows at dawn, power lines buzzing in the mist
5. tinnitus
6. I failed my frog dissection
7. the eyes of the pig, the detective said, would have popped like grapes
8. grapes
9. grapes
10. imagine Cyclops and his single eye
10.5. tearing up
10.75. at his daughter’s ballet recital
10.875. he suspects she is nothing like him
10.9375. they will always argue once she grows up
10.96875. he will ultimately disappoint her
9. Cyclops drinks to forget
8. he drinks crushed pig eyes
7. sweet things often come from ugly pain
6. he himself was an ugly child
5. a stegosaurus, with a brain in its tail (this is a myth, but so is he)
4. taking live things apart to see how they worked
3. the past is foggy for Cyclops
2. he loves his daughter, he loves his friends, he loves his country and the pear’s sweet juice
1. so why does he feel monstrous?

© 2020 by Zella Christensen

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By Zella Christensen

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